Emergency Source Water (5 Gallon Box)

Emergency Source Water (5 Gallon Box)

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Always at the ready, Emergency Source Water is Aquene Springs geothermal source water in a 5 gallon bag-in-box stackable solution designed for easy storage and use in emergency preparedness kits. With a 5 year guarantee, this box can be stored to be used in case of a natural disaster or any time a large source of fresh pure water is needed. Naturally filtered and purified as it rises from deep within Mother Earth, Emergency Source Water is collected, never pumped and boxed at the source, not touching the earth’s atmosphere until it reaches your glass. Emergency Source Water is free of mercury, lead, glyphosate and PFAs. 


Silica is a crucial element for life in the "aluminum world" we live in.  In fact, without silica, plants animals and humans would have a difficult time surviving the inflammation that aluminum toxicity creates in living cells and tissue.  It is well known that silica, the second most prevalent trace element in the earth’s crust, bonds with the most prevalent element, oxygen to form silica dioxide.  It turns out that silica dioxide binds to aluminum in plants, animals and humans sequestering the aluminum, the third most prevalent element in the earth’s crust, such that it becomes harmless and is expelled via urine and sweat by humans and animals.  Aquene Springs Source Water contains 77 mg/L of digestible silica which is an order of magnitude higher than the vast majority of other bottled water.  Research studies* increasingly conclude that naturally high silica content promotes:

- increased cardio-vascular and lung functions

- pain relief

- blood circulation

- bone and connective tissue strength

- anti-aging and healthful longevity

- gut health and digestion

- wound healing

- oral hygiene

- healthy and youthful looking hair and skin


Naturally Deuterium depleted - Aquene Springs’ Emergency Source Water has Deuterium concentration of 135ppm (13% Deuterium Depletion).  Research studies* have shown evidence that Deuterium Depleted Water DDW:

- stimulates cell growth and recovery

- boosts detox and metabolism

- may support mood and cognition

- may protect the liver and heart


pH is a measure of the alkalinity/acidity of water.  The water in our bodies varies in its alkalinity/acidity based on the needs of different cells throughout our body.  Hence, it is not so simple to say that humans should drink only alkaline water or that more alkalinity is better.  Various cells in our bodies adjust the alkalinity of bodily water according their needs and function. Most modern diets are more acidic overall and as such it makes sense to drink water that is above pH 7.0 but not necessarily dramatically higher keeping in mind that pH is a logarithmic scale (see footnote). Anecdotally, most spring waters including Aquene Springs Emergency Source Water, with a pH of 8.6, are naturally alkaline with pH values between 7.5 and 9. Seawater is alkaline with pH around 8.5 as is human blood with pH of about 7.4.  Metals including aluminum tend to be more toxic at lower pH (more acidic) because they are more soluble potentially increasing the likelihood of increased toxicity and its associated inflammation and a host of related illness including dementia.

* Click here for supporting studies and summaries.

** Going from pH 8.0 to 9.0 in pH is a 10 fold increase in alkalinity!  Also bear in mind that ammonia has a pH of 11.5, bleach 12.5, and liquid drain cleaner 14.0!

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