At Aquene Springs we are dedicated to caring for the Earth in every decision we make.  We believe that it is our duty to leave as little an imprint as possible.  In doing so, we are committed to using the most sustainable practices available today and continually searching to improve our sustainability, both within our company and in the industries at large.  Our motto is 'DO NO HARM'. We bring this motto into every decision we make from collecting to packaging to shipping and recycling.

Why Bag in Box?  We looked far and wide for the most sustainable packaging for our water and found that the bag in box model offers the lowest carbon footprint for the highest volume of water full stop.  We are proud to be offering 5 Gallon and 5L boxes direct to consumer.

The Box – Our boxes are 100% recyclable and certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative.  

The Bag – In an effort to turn Cradle-to-Grave into a Cradle-to-Cradle design, we encourage our users to send their used bags back to us to turn into building material.  We will provide postage for 10 bags (9 bags inside one that can be used as a shipper).  Send an email to to receive postage and shipping instructions. 

The Water – Our water comes up and out of the ground at 80 gallons a minute. We never have to pump it out of the ground.  Instead, we simply collect just a portion of the water before it comes above ground.  Thus ensuring the purest water, untouched by the atmosphere delivered directly to your door. 

The Bottle - For our Crystal Source Water, we felt it important to see and experience the digestible silica crystals.  To that end, we opted for reusable, recyclable 750ml glass bottles.