What if my spout is not pointing down?

Sometimes when you open your box, the spout is not pointing downward for easy pouring. If this happens to you, simply twist the spout to the desired position.  Check out the following video here. 


How can drinking Aquene Springs Source Water affect my health?

Aquene Springs Source Water has a naturally high silica content.  Silica is known to promote: Increased cardiovascular and lung function; Pain relief; Healthy blood circulation; Cellular hydration and rejuvenation; Bone and connective tissue strength; Anti-aging and healthful longevity; Gut health and digestion; Wound healing; Oral hygiene; Healthy looking hair and skin.  Source Water is also naturally Deuterium depleted. Drinking deuterium depleted water helps create a cellular environment within the body that is healthier and less likely to develop sicknesses related to age, including cancer.  Click here to learn more and to view scientific studies of Silica and Deuterium Depleted Water.


How much Aquene Springs Source Water should I drink per day?

A rough rule of thumb is that humans should consume about half our body weight in ounces of water per day.  Extenuating circumstances like heavy exercise or work in hot conditions may warrant increase water consumption daily.  Aquene Springs Source Water has naturally low surface tension and as such is more easily absorbed in cells and tissues increasing cellular hydration.


Should I take silica supplements in addition to drinking Silica Source Water?

Please talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or making changes to your healthcare in general.  That being said, there are no FDA limits on daily silica intake as any extra silica (silica your body cannot use) leaves the body through urine and sweat.


What’s the difference between Silica Source, Silica Source for Pets and Emergency Source Water?

All three of these waters are the same.  They come from the same source.  Silica Source and Silica Source for Pets are packaged in a 5L bag in box.  Emergency Source Water is packaged in a 5 Gallon bag in box for easy stacking and storage.


Why is it so expensive to ship?

The simple truth of it is that water is heavy.  We looked far and wide and worked with our shipping partners to bring our customers the best shipping rates available today. 


How do I cancel/change my subscription?

Subscriptions can be easily changed or cancelled.  Simply log into your Aquene Springs account by clicking here.  Click on the link that says Manage Subscriptions.  This will take you to a page where you can cancel, skip or change your subscription.  


Is Aquene Springs Source Water available in stores?

Please visit our growing list of retailers here. Don't see a store near you?  That's okay!  We ship worldwide.