About Us

Aquene - pronounced 'ah-queen' - is a Native American word meaning Peace, Tranquility or Clarity.

At Aquene Springs we view our mission as shepherding the unique and sacred water that comes naturally to the earth’s surface from a pristine source filled with Life Sustaining Energy for the betterment of human health and longevity.


Frequency - /ˈfrēkwənsē/ : the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light).

Aquene Springs founder, Michael Hobson has spent his life studying frequencies.  First as a mathematician, then as an econometrics professor and corporate business consultant, through his several businesses in the music industry at the forefront of both the vinyl movement and live recording industries, Michael’s interest in frequencies eventually brought him to water.  He became fascinated with water and started a nearly decade-long deep dive into understanding it in all its capabilities.  After years of studying water, water structure and water frequencies, deepening his understanding of this under-appreciated molecule that appears to be the foundation of all Life on Earth, Michael heard about a special water that came from a source in a remote part of Idaho.  Thorough a series of coincidences, he found his way to the spring where pristine water, that tastes like no other, finds its way to the Earth’s surface at 139 degrees Fahrenheit and naturally comes out of the ground at 80 gallons/minute.  It was here, in this special place, known for centuries to Native Americans as Crystal Spring, that it became clear to Michael that he would have a role in helping to bring this water to the public.  Hobson sees frequencies as a way for humanity to connect, communicate and heal and knows water plays an important role in life, longevity, health and personal growth.  Michael built Aquene Springs with the intention of shepherding this Source Water to the world, and protecting the untouched nature that surrounds the spring from which it comes.