6-Pack Crystal Source Water (6 x 750ml Bottles)

6-Pack Crystal Source Water (6 x 750ml Bottles)

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A mystical sacred water here to transmit human intention for self healing and manifestation.

Crystal Source Water comes from the same source as Aquene Springs’ Silica Source geothermic drinking water. The mineral composition is the same in both. The difference, outside of the packaging, is that Crystal Source Water has beautiful silica crystals that float in the bottle when exposed to light. As one experiences the fascination of the floating crystals the mind asks many questions: “Where do the silica crystals come from”, “What is their purpose” and inevitably “Is it ok to drink them?” Let’s start with the easy question first...

Is it ok to drink the silica crystals in the water?

Yes! The crystals are composed of the same silica that is present in the water when it comes out of the ground at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Silica in Crystal Source Water promotes:

  • increased cardio-vascular and lung function

  • reduced aluminum toxicity and associated inflammation

  • blood circulation

  • cellular hydration and rejuvenation

  • bone and connective tissue strength

  • anti-aging and healthful longevity

  • gut health and digestion

  • oral hygiene

  • healthy youthful looking hair and skin


Where do the crystals visible in Crystal Source Water come from?

We believe that Crystal Source Water is “primary water” made in the earth’s crust rather that originating from evaporation of surface water that becomes part of the hydrologic cycle. In geothermic areas that contain hydrocarbons, heat dissociates hydrogen that binds to oxygen, the most prevalent element in the earth’s crust, to form steam. The steam, under great pressure, finds its way through fissures in the crust dissolving trace minerals, including silica, before condensing into hot water that comes out of the ground. Using proprietary methods, the hot water is “naturally programmed” (no electrical or magnetic exposure or chemical additives) to have the silica coalesce into crystals that are visible to the naked eye and which respond to light. The crystallization process takes between two and six months of rest in a cool dry environment making Crystal Source Water limited in its production and distribution and premium priced as a result.


Why is it called 'mystical sacred' water?

Natives of North America considered hot springs as a sacred place where the "Great Spirit" lived, and thus were great believers in the miraculous healing powers of the heat and mineral waters. These areas were known as neutral ground; where warriors could travel to and rest unmolested by other tribes. Archeological finds date Native American presence at hot springs for over 10,000 years. The myth passed down through generations of Shoshone and Bannocks tribes of Southern Idaho is that there was a place in the high desert, where hot water that was healing, flowed naturally and continuously out of the mountainside. This water was deemed sacred and to be safe guarded. As time passed, the tribal elders discovered that the water possessed special abilities. They learned, using sacred ceremonial blessing, how to have crystals form in the water giving the water a mystique and visual power to inspire the tribal members. The oral and later written tradition tells stories of a place called “Crystal Spring” whose water could promote healing. Much of the history of this sacred water is still secret but it still flows naturally out of the mountainside as it has for many millennia if not even longer.

What is the purpose of the crystals?

The Silica Crystals' purpose is to encode human conscious intention sincerely spoken into the water and to deliver that vibratory intention to every cell in the body.

Let me explain... Silica is the basis of quartz which science has shown can receive, store, amplify and transmit vibratory energy and information in addition to having piezo-electric properties.  Marcel Vogel, a world-renowned IBM scientist and crystal expert, puts it this way:  "Crystals are a radio transmitter, a memory element, a transceiver, and a computer that delivers small doses of natural radiation to the body.  Crystals agitate the water in the body, using a natural element".  That natural element in our case is silica and in a crystalline state, it can receive, store and transmit vibratory information. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nicola Tesla.  Science knows that conscious thoughts elicit electrical and photonic vibrations in the body. Thought is the visualization, in the mind, of conscious intention and speaking the thought is the vibratory manifestation of that intention. 

That’s the secret: Human beings are all endowed with the divine power to speak our true intentions and manifest actions in our bodies and our lives. It’s that simple… So, Crystal Source Water is here to assist us all to live our best lives as we intend to.

The message from the water is: See Me, Speak to Me, Believe in Me, and LET IT BE DONE!  Imagine that Crystal Source Water is a source of miracles of your own making… It is all up to you!

Michael Hobson – water shepherd


Winner of the 2021 Silver Medal  - Fine Waters International Taste Competition.

Want guidance on how to program the water?  Click here!

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